Optimal Sleep Thanks To Wooden Wall Panels In Your Bedroom

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Why You Choose Wooden Wall Cladding in the Bedroom

Your bedroom is the ultimate place to relax, isn't it? Even though we spend most of our time in our bedrooms sleeping, we still want it to look stylish and cozy and be a pleasant place to be. But how do you create a snug and beautiful, stylish bedroom without compromising your sleep? Wooden wall cladding is the solution.

How do wooden wall panels make your bedroom the perfect place to unwind and fully relax? Wooden wall cladding has many advantages. We have listed the best ones for you.

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Wooden wall panels in your bedroom are not only practical, but the wooden wall cladding is also stylish. The panels give your bedroom a calm, modern, and atmospheric appearance, without having to remodel your entire room. With wooden panels, your bedroom becomes a cozy and pleasant place where you can retreat and relax.

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Sound Absorbing

A noisy bedroom? Not with wooden wall panels. The panels have a sound-absorbing effect. The wooden wall cladding absorbs sound within your bedroom, improving the acoustics, and also dampens external noise. This way, you won't be bothered by housemates going to the bathroom at night or getting up earlier than you in the morning.

Insulating Capacity

You might not expect it, but wooden wall panels also have an insulating effect in addition to their sound-absorbing capacity. The wooden wall cladding retains heat, keeping your bedroom a pleasant place to stay. This way, you won't have to crank up the heating at night or fumble with a double duvet.

Better Sleep

Your bedroom is the place where you should be able to enjoy optimal sleep. Not only a good bed and a decent mattress are important for a good night's sleep, but wooden wall panels also play a role. As described above, wooden wall cladding gives your room a calm appearance, absorbs sound, and has an insulating effect. All these factors contribute to an excellent night's rest.

Easy to Install

The best thing about our wooden wall cladding is that it is easy to install. Whether you want to mount the panels horizontally, vertically, on your wall or ceiling, the installation is very simple: Make sure you have a clean wall without nails, screws, or other impurities and place the wooden panel against the wall. Screw or glue the panel to the wall and cut off the excess parts of the wall cladding.

Wooden Backwall

Wooden wall panels can be placed wherever you want and there are various ways to incorporate the wooden Akupanels into your bedroom. Give your bedroom a quick makeover with a panel behind your clothes rack or place the wooden panels on your ceiling. The possibilities are endless.

One of the most popular spots for wooden wall panels in the bedroom is behind the head of your bed. The wooden back wall cladding gives your bedroom a warm and atmospheric touch, and the wooden headboard gives your bed a completely new look. This way, your bed immediately stands out when you enter your bedroom.

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Noiseless Bedroom

The bedroom is the last place you want to have noise. The wooden wall panels have excellent sound-absorbing properties, ensuring that your sleep is no longer disturbed. The wall panels are the perfect sustainable alternative to busy wall decorations or an abundance of rugs.

We Are Here for You

Have you become a fan of our wooden wall panels but need some help choosing the perfect wall cladding for your bedroom? Are you working on mounting panels behind your bed but not quite getting it right? The Aku Woodpanel team is here for you. Customer service is our top priority. You can reach us by phone at +44 (0)20 8059 2511 or by sending an email to info@akuwoodpanel.uk. You can also leave your information via the contact form on our website.

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A wooden wall panel should, of course, match your interior. Luckily, we have a wide range, ensuring there is always a wall panel that is perfect for your bedroom. Consider, for example, a beautiful oak panel on your ceiling, opt for dark walnut cladding next to your wardrobe, or place a classic mocha wooden wall panel behind your bed.