End Pieces


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Put the perfect finishing touch on your project with Aku Woodpanel's end pieces. Our end pieces blend in seamlessly with our full-sized panels, creating a smooth, solid wood finish that will elevate the look of any room. Choose from Black Oak, Natural Oak, Smoked Oak, and Walnut to find the perfect match for your space.

Our end pieces come in sizes 23.6", 94.5", and 118.1".

  • Authentic Wood Veneer - Elevate the look of your Aku Woodpanel project with our premium wood veneer end pieces
  • Eco-friendly Materials - Like our full-size panels, the end pieces are made from environmentally friendly, sustainable materials
  • Perfect Your Design - Our end pieces make the edges of your panel installation blend in with the rest of the design, giving a more polished, cohesive look

Do You Really Need End Pieces?

Using end pieces is essential for getting the most out of your acoustic wooden wall panels in terms of both appearance and performance. Our end pieces are designed to perfectly match the style and color of your chosen panels, creating a perfectly finished look.

Order Your End Pieces Today

Take the next step towards enhancing your home or office by ordering your 3-sided veneer wooden panel end pieces today. Available colors for end pieces include Black Oak, Natural Oak, Smoked Oak, and Walnut.

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