Grand Opening | Discounts up to 20%

Unique 3-sided Wooden Slat Wall Panels

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Grand Opening | Discounts up to 20%

Premium Quality Slat Wall Panels

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Grand Opening | Discounts up to 20%

Improved Acoustics - Sustainable materials - 85% sound absorbing

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Discover our Premium 3-sided wood veneer

Unique 3-sided veneer: Stand out as the exclusive provider of 3-sided real wood veneer.

Same-Day response: Get prompt responses to all inquiries within the same day.

Expert consultation: Access expert advice for all your projects, ensuring top-notch results.

Swift & Transparent delivery: Experience transparent delivery times for efficient project planning.

Tailored business solutions: Benefit from customized business solutions and quotes, tailored to your specific requirements.

Unique 3-sided wood veneer

The only online supplier in the US!

Sustainable materials

Sustainable, durable materials and recycled felt.

85% sound absorbing

Officially tested, acoustics improved.


Tips & Tricks from our experts

Get inspired on this page with photos of cool projects from customers and businesses. See how you can shape your acoustic panel project in various spaces, such as the living room, bedroom, attic, hallway, kitchen, offices, and commercial spaces. Be sure to also read our inspirational blogs for even more ideas.

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Explore our gallery to see how Aku Woodpanel elevates people's spaces. Each project showcases our panels' transformative elegance and innovation. Welcome to our design community.


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